Friday, July 15, 2011

my friend Nelson...

July 31, 2011, my friend joined his Loving Creator...

months, weeks and even day
I saw the deterioration of your physical body,
But seeing instead, the strength of your heart,
Saw your inner fighting spirit, your will to live,

the long awaited time of glorious surrender.

i uttered for you instead;

"ready my soul, O Lord, my God, quicken still, my thoughts of you, for any moment now, of my glorious surrender; welcome me in your loving embrace, so finally I can say, I am all yours through eternity."

...Thank you my friend, for manifesting to me the great love you have for your family, and your friends. I know that they love you, just like the way our Heavenly Father loves you. Keep watch of us, from the heavens where you are, and always say a prayer for each one of us, a good word to our Great Father and God. SHALOM, my friend, til we meet again...

3 Things I lerned about my friend:

1. You love, you forgive.

2. Enjoy life the best way you can.

3. Keep dignity even in your last moment.