Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

We were in Benicia, in Jules and Tim's home and when asked what we were thankful for, Mom managed to bring tears to our eyes in what she shared. She said that she is thankful that she is quite over the physical pain of her recent accident which she thought would never end.
During the hospital/rehab days, i knew she was in pain, in every area of her life, i'm sure. However, hearing her confess it, it must have been really physically painful, the ordeal she had to go through, and still, she declared God's faithfulness to her. Now, that's thanksgiving from the heart. Nowadays, she is more mobile, no more walker, but just a cane, and top it all, now rolling lumpias but on a minimal quantity still. The "Shanghai Queen" is back!!
So family, relatives and church, thank you all for lifting her up in prayers. I knew deep inside me, it's the prayers of the faithful that helped her go through her sufferings, ordeal and pain, and we can truly declare, our GOD is the God that heals, who is forever faithful.


  1. wow! finally! i always look forward to your emails, sharing, etc. it's just so right for you to blog!

    I thank God that Lola's ordeal is over, or almost over. That part about the lumpia made me really laugh hahaha I miss lola.

  2. Welcome to the blog world tita Avs! Looking forward to reading more of what you say ;-)

    and YEY to lola! Long live the Shanghai Queen! *hugs* *hugs* We love you and you are always in our thoughts and prayers :) Miss you! :)

  3. heck yes!

    practice your writing for that novel you will write one day!

    love you.