Wednesday, August 4, 2010

more blessed to give than to receive ..acts 20:35

The past weeks have been news about family members and close friends stricken with life threatening illnesses. My good friend Mara, who is fighting cancer, from breast cancer to now a cancerous lymph node found in her neck, and has been hurting physically, pain all over her body and hardly any strength to move. My nephew Manuel who was diagnosed with only one kidney and it causes so many negative effects in his physiological parts, not to mention the many effects of the many medications he takes. My friend Nelson, who had lung cancer, but is having a hard time dealing with the after effects of the massive chemo/radiation treatment he underwent. Last night, the shocking news about Nikki Bharwani, with a cancerous tumor in her uterus, resulting to taking out her right ovary adn fallopian tube. That at a young age, she had to go through this. Though no conclusive result yet as to the stage of cancer.......waiting. My brother who needs a colonoscopy but has no money to pay for it. My youngest brother who is worried about where he will stay after this year, and so much more...
I want to say how grateful I am that despite all medical appointments i had, yearly checkup, uterine biopsy and mamomgram, as bragging as it may sound, is the truth that I am still thankful because I am in good health, I have insurance that covers my medical needs. But it's not about's about those who are in true and dire need.
It led me to read the book of Habakkuk. Today also, while listening to KFAX, one of the pastor preacher said something about our God being not the God that says, "opppssss"! In chapter 3, verses 18-19, it gave me comfort that I can have all the questions I have for my family members and friends' state and conditions, yet it teaches me to wait patiently. I need to rest in God's sufficiency. I may never know God's specific plans for each of them, and though I do not see any outward indications that the Lord is working in their lives, I am assured that HE has not neglected them, that HE continually watches over them. For that, "I will be joyful in God my Saviour."
Though I have been going to the same people to ask for monetary help, and as disheartening that only the same people respond, I will continue to ask for help so we can help and bless others who are truly in need.

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