Thursday, April 14, 2011

To you, my friend...

in the sudden moment of it all, you come along, with no advanced notice. all of a sudden, you take residence, you took over. after leaving me breathless, you made me lifeless. You are cruel! Then, in a moment's time, I thought you left. and long after, you came back again, because you are a traitor! Okay, you've got me alright, you own my body; my entire life, you cut short. But one thing for sure, You can't take my spirit within me, Because "SOMEONE"else owns me. I know where I'm headin', and where I'm going, you can no longer follow, You lose after all, and I certainly win!

1 comment:

  1. my dear friend Nelson passed away July 31, 2011. No more worries, no more pain, no more tears. Now you are walking, talking and frolicking with the Heavenly Father. Enjoy the streets made of gold. One day, someday, we'll meet again my friend!