Wednesday, January 30, 2013

has it been that long?

wow, almost 6 months now after the July 1, 2012 lay off?  Now i look back, i can't even remember what happened those past few months.  What a life cycle!  after finding my sign in and password to this blog, here i go again.   how funny that when a thought comes in and i have something to write, and then all of a sudden, gone! my memory retention can't just cope up anymore.

after doing some bills and looking into the bank account, one can't help but say, "oh geez, gotta start working again"...but the thing is, to find a job first.  The ever perpetual question i've had since the last lay off because as i've shared to my friend, my mind is so boggled with many thoughts, many things i want to do but i get stuck with my own limitations and self restrictions.  And looking at your account going downhill, it's depressing. my mom used to say, no matter how rich you may be, if you don't do anything to add up to that riches, it will all end up being used, eventually spent, and then gone!  but my question, like Solomon, is this all that is there in life? it's meaningless, meaningless, meaningless...yup, that is if we just look at the bank account.  still in prayers for a big money miracle, and yet....none...yet...when Lord?  when?

But again, the goodness of God is that, His provisions are on a daily basis. (Matthew 6:34)  so, i jotted this instead and found comfort again in the God I love and serve.

rest my weary heart, Lord,
calm my boggled thoughts;
make me see the path visible in your ways.

spring up new hopes,
lighten up the load;
bring life once again,
and deepen the trust needed.

You are my God.
You know the seasons of my life,
see me through once again,
Be my GOD!

Yes, Lord, be my ever Great God who will watch over me and take care of me.  Take away the works of the enemy in my life and continue to keep assuring me, that lo, til the end of age, You will be with me. 

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