Wednesday, May 25, 2016

2015...swoooshhh, off it went!

I was just reading my last 2014 write up and i purposely delayed 2015 because of many events that happened.  Common things in life, some good, some bad, some working progress and some that stays on.  

The beginning of the year brought us some good news about Ria being pregnant , but to our dismay, it was a false one, again.  It was so heart breaking especially for a mother like me to see my daughter go through the roller coaster high and lows of such news.  But I kept trusting the Lord.  I simply ask to watch over my Ria and Andrew , and that in God's perfect time, it'll happen...

Fast forward, simply because I can't recall anymore really what happened in the past months as it went along...They had troubles with the condo where they lived and finally come September, they decided to sell the place.  Praise God they were able to and even if they didn't make much, every detail of our prayers were answered.  I prayed that it'll help Andrew develop a deeper sense of trust in the leading of God, especially in his decisions.  God bless that family that took over in all of their dealings.  We asked the Lord to bless them accordingly.

Now comes a major change in our lives.  They move in with us again.  My heart is fine, I am up to them moving in because it has brought some laugther in the house front.  Ray's got time to even sit down watch sports with Andrew and have someone he can talk to and enjoy watching sports.  Mom's got an everyday bodyguard, (wink-wink) too.

Sometimes, even in off guard moments, things just happen and it's for the good, as God promised.  I am learning to just trust in the unknown.  I still go wonder and thought wander, but the bottom line of it is relying simply on His promises.  Dismiss the worry, and then just Trust.  I often catch myself talking to myself, thinking how I and Ray will be in our older age, moneywise, and in the end, i simply utter, "Lord, you said, you will take of us and I will not worry about it, because you hold our future and that's your job."  We will just live for the moments that He gives us, do our job, share his gospel either in words or in our lifestyle.

Some not so good news as well, when Tita Linda Guzman was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer, with tumors found in her lungs too.  We fell on our knees, in earnest, persevering, persistent prayers in her behalf believing that He will show us miracles.  Same for Elmer and Joann, and even little Joshua. 

August I was offered a 1 year fixed term at Genetics and my prayer is for the Lord to let me know that this is part of His great plan for my life.  I ask to see an actual rainbow as His sign to me that it is...He knows my heart, well, and what my limited mind does not know is if my desire to just to be a home earner with benefits is the plan He has for me.  I have to remain prayerful about it.

Then come mid October again and we got great news.  Our Ria and Andrew are pregnant again!  And this time, it's a go!!! We held up until the 14th week.  The more I prayed, prayed and prayed...a strong heartbeat on the Dec 29 doctor's appointment. Praise the Mighty and Sweestest Name of Jesus.  Our perfect little gift.  Oh how we have waited for our precious little one.  We so anticipate and are very excited come June-July 2016!  And so Is CJ and Mell!  Praise God.

The year ended quite busy when Ate had to come so mom can have a companion going home because we got scared of the "laglag bala" scam in the Philippine airport.  So, again, in God's perfect timing  and mighty provisions, she was able to spend 2015 Christmas holidays with us, even her birthday.

We closed the year thanking God over and over, again and again for all that He has done to us.

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