Tuesday, May 1, 2012

January 5, 2012...Cry of my Heart

Help me, O my God
and hear my cry;
tears blur my eyes,
anger hardens my heart,
wicked thoughts hover my head,
and my lips are tempted to lie,
my hands are leaning to do wicked things,
and lust tends to lure me to the ways of the world.

Rescue me and hear my cry,
deliver me from the snares of the wicked one;
give me strength to turn away from evil,
remove sins in my heart.

Reign in me, O Lord Jesus,
be true to your promise to protect me from the this wicked world.
Own me, cover me,
do not let shame insult your Name;
Let righteousness reign in my heart, Lord,
because YOU are my God, therefore, hear my cry.

My first writing on Jan 5, 2012, Thursday.  Going back to work and starting to get overwhelmed again, literally, my emotions simply overcoming my strength and all I could do was simply to turn to the ONLY ONE whom I know hears me and understand me, because I myself don't understand me anymore. But God is always there for me, He has never ever failed me nor forsaken me...and I continue to put my trust in Him and Him alone!

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